Andreas Knuffmann on concertVR: “We believe in the Blockchain Revolution”

The feeling of drowning in the crowd of people and constantly focusing one’s eyes on the stage to capture every movement of one’s favourite band – with concertVR this special experience should now also be possible from home. The start-up wants to make it possible for everyone to be there live at every concert in the world without having to set foot in front of the front door. With the help of Virtual Reality, a completely new musical experience is to be created that goes far beyond live television transmission. No one knows better what this requires than TV and film producer Andreas Knuffmann, who has already produced countless television formats for Sat1 and is now no less successful in making his own films. As co-founder, he explains in an interview with BTC-ECHO what moved him and why he uses crypto currencies.

What made you decide to develop the news spy?

Two years ago I sat together with my partner Sebastian Deyle and we decided that we want to tackle the news spy topic of VR and music with a software developer we are friends with. For us there is no question that the democratization of technology and the innovative power of hardware will lead to a rapidly increasing demand for content in the music industry. That’s why we have invested a lot of time and money in developing our own app. With our platform, we want to be a common platform for artists, organizers and ultimately also the end user, which will make it possible to enjoy music content in 360° VR in the future. By the end of the year, new VR glasses from Oculus and Facebook will be completely redesigning the market. Our time begins now: The News Spy Review 2018 » Full Scam Check

How far along are you with your Bitcoin secret?

We have a fully functional prototype, i.e. the application with the complete back- and frontend is very well developed. We installed a payment system and programmed a user interface that makes it possible to change camera positions during the concert. This even works via an eye-tracking tool and gives the user the possibility to be directly on stage next to his star, in the front row or elsewhere in the hall. A real innovation that we haven’t found in this form in any other comparable Bitcoin secret app. We are in a continuous development. For example, we are on the subject of spatial sound. This means that we are developing an immersive sound experience that allows us to simulate audio sources analogous to head movement in space. We are in the beta phase, in winter 2018/2019 we will launch the app.

What is the difference between your virtual reality solution and a live TV broadcast? How much can you approach the “real” concert experience?

Virtual Reality is an immersive experience that appeals to the most important senses. Especially the fact that you can orientate yourself by movement in space and thus the concert experience becomes a holistic personal experience is unique so far. The technology will soon make it possible for new, innovative VR glasses to make the enjoyment of my VR concert much easier to consume. In the near future we see a rapidly growing market for content. Compared to VR, the live TV experience is rather passive, whereas the VR experience is active and immediate. Technically, these concerts can be recorded using six fisheye cameras, which are then stitched together to form a 3D image. Here, too, there will soon be a major further development with significantly more powerful cameras. Especially in terms of resolution and sound performance, we are still in the primeval slime of development.

So at an exclusive Coldplay living room concert in New York, I can still sit in the front row with thousands of other virtual concert goers, even if the room is only 40 square meters in size?

We are very much interested in intimate room concerts, because we know from market research that it is an incredible experience for fans to listen to and see their favourite song 1 to 2 m next to their star. The idea is that we will record such exclusive concerts, exclusively, and then only release them for payment via our CVT tokens. In this way we create an organic demand for special content that will lead to the concert VR community growing organically. There is no stronger experience than sitting in the living room of Rihanna in Los Angeles while she sings her five best songs in a light summer dress accompanied by a few musicians exclusively. Here we see a gigantic market for songs on demand. Also the conversations with the labels confirm us to go this way.

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