Blockshow Europe: The first Blockchain Oscar is awarded in Munich

In the course of the BlockShow 2017 the first Blockchain Oscar will be awarded in spring this year.
By Mark Preuss

The Blockchain Oscar is a Bitcoin loophole startup competition that will take place in two rounds

The first “online” round will start on 2-4 March. A pre-selection of online registered Bitcoin loophole startups by the jury will take place here: Each applicant will be examined and evaluated individually, so that a pre-selection of 6 promising companies will emerge at the end.

The qualified companies that have made it into the second round will automatically reach the final on 6 April and can look forward to a pitch in front of the jury and an audience of more than 500 BlockShow participants.

Together with CoinTelegraph, the organizer of the BlockShow 2017, the Blockchain Oscar is supported by companies like Humaniq and Wings. Humaniq, currently working on a next-generation bank based on the Ethereum Blockchain, is wearing the main sponsor’s hat.

Accordingly, the majority of the news spy jury is made up of Humaniq members

The Blockchain Oscar is endowed with a total of 13,000 euros. Of this amount, 5,000 euros in Bitcoin will go to the news spy winner of “The Most Innovative Blockchain-Startup”. Another 5,000 euros in Humaniq Token goes to the news spy and “The Startup Most Valuable for Humanity”.

Another category will be the “The Peoples Choice” category. Here the winner or both winners will be chosen via an online voting on the Wings website. The two places are endowed with 2 and 1 BTC respectively.

The jury of the Blockchain Oscar consists of top-class members of the Blockchain industry. A complete list will be announced shortly. So far we can say that Richard Kastelein (CMO at Humaniq), Tawanda Kembo (Humaniq), Anish Mohammed (Lloyds Banking Group) and Jamie Burke (founder of BlockchainAngels; CEO at Outlier Ventures) will certainly be among the jury members.

Given that only 6 statups will make it into the Oscar final, the first young companies have already enrolled for the pre-selection. Among the first startups are:

chain capital
shelf network
Satoshi Fund
startup registration
You’re also a blockchain startup with big visions? Then register quickly on the Blockchain Oscar website for the preselection.

Click here to register.

The preselection starts on March 2nd.

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